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Elevators have long been an integral part of the commercial and industrial construction markets but they are now rapidly becoming commonplace in residential construction. Residential lifts offer physically challenged individuals the ability to move independently throughout their home, enabling them to live in comfort and with dignity.

The International Union of Elevator Constructors (IUEC) has been leading the industry in the installation of elevators and lifts—commercial, industrial and residential—for more than a century. The IUEC has consistently met the challenges of an ever-evolving elevator trade and consistently exceeded the training demands of this highly specialized field. Not only were the forefathers of the IUEC true pioneers in the elevator industry; our current corps of talented men and women continue to set the bar high for the future of the trade.

The IUEC understands that elevator installation is a challenging and extremely dangerous process that requires precision and advanced training in order to protect those installing and servicing the lifts, and the riding public. Today’s state-of-the-art elevators demand nothing less than the most highly trained mechanics—not installers, but true mechanics. Calling upon just any construction worker to install a lift of any kind is simply a risk too great to take. Only the members of the IUEC can call themselves union-trained elevator mechanics.